HAS Den Bosch, 15 February 2007

Neeltje Bekkers, International Liaisons Officer



Institutional Profile


Faculties and Departments

Green Business School

Programmes in English

Bachelor in Floriculture and Floral Design

Bachelor in Horticulture and Business Management

Master of Science /Master of Arts in International Horticulture

Postgraduate Short course in Export Management and Global Trade in Horticulture


Programmes in Dutch

Urban and Rural Development

Garden and Landscape Management

Horticulture and Arable Farming


Animal and Environment

Programmes in English

Master of Science in Animal Biology and Welfare

Postgraduate Short course in Animal Health and Welfare


Programmes in Dutch

Animal Husbandry and Animal Health

Environmental Science


Food and Business

Programmes in Dutch:

Food & Health

Food Business

Food Design and Innovation

Food Technology

Business Administration and Agribusiness




Main facilities

In addition to full-time higher education, the institute provides consultancy and research services to both private companies and government institutions.

In 2003 new premises were built incorporating an environmental technology hall, a food processing pilot plant, a nursery and glasshouse complex, a food design centre and a purpose-built hall for garden and land management projects.